Professional Development

Guest Speakers

It was a pleasure hosting Ryan Blair, President at NuWave Energy Solutions. Ryan is a dynamic and experienced energy professional who has been in the energy services market for nearly two decades, and his work largely concerns sustainability and carbon footprint reduction initiatives. Ryan is also a member of the Galante Program Industry Network Council.   



The Galante Program hosts workshopping events as part of the 3-4 planned professional development events each semester. The purpose of these events is to introduce new concepts to students and encourage their practice for real-world business and leadership setting use. Examples of workshopping event topics include effective communication development, digital marketing and social media analytics simulations, business proposal competitions, speed networking and interview skill development, and more.


Kick-off Meetings & Banquets

Kick-off meetings are hosted at the beginning of each semester. The purpose of these events is to provide an overview of the program’s recent successes and events from the previous semester, as well as to outline events and plans for the current semester. Galante Fellows in leadership roles are encouraged to share their professional development initiatives with other members of the program. Occasionally these events may also occur in conjunction with a Galante Banquet which is a formal event featuring program founder Ed Galante, members of the INC Advisory Board, and Galante alumni in addition to active program students.



Each Spring the Galante Program celebrates graduating seniors with a formal ceremony. This event serves as an opportunity to recognize the efforts of our seniors and their initiatives and participation in their time as an active Galante Fellow. Awards are also presented to recipients who are selected by a vote conducted by their peers.


Information Sessions

Info Sessions are opportunities for CoE students to learn more about the history of the Galante Program and its offerings, benefits, requirements and more. Students qualified to join the Galante Program will be notified of each event, while interested CoE students are also welcome to attend. The Info Session events are planned and presented by a student coordinator and feature additional Galant Fellows who can speak to their experiences. 


Volunteering & Social Events

Galante Program volunteering events are planned and organized by the Volunteer Coordinator(s). Volunteering events are a means for Galante Fellows to contribute to the betterment of society and exemplify strong leadership characteristics by elevating those in their community. The Galante Program aims to host 1-2 volunteering events each semester.

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